Chief NAG: Michael Fallon, new Executive Director of the Northfield Arts Guild


At this morning’s NDDC Forum at the Grand, NAG board member Steve Wilmot introduced me to Michael Fallon, the new Executive Director of the Northfield Arts Guild. Click photo to enlarge.

Michael’s been on board for 4 days and he already he has an email address, pc and phone, complete with a desk and a wastebasket. This guy must be a doer and a decider! Let’s hope he becomes a blogger. Welcome to Northfield, Michael.


  1. I also have a desklamp! Thanks for the pic and blog welcome.

    Oh, and I do hope to have a NAG blog up and running before too long. Just as soon as I find where the on switch is…

    February 8, 2007
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    Good to hear, Michael. See you at the NAG Auction on Saturday.

    February 9, 2007

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