Photo album: JuneBug Festival of Music, night #1 of 3

Mr JuneBug, Ross CurrierI saw Ross Currier this morning at the James Gang Coffeehouse & Eatery (see, he’s a Hwy 3 guy, too!!) sporting a JuneBug t-shirt.

Last night was night #1 of the First Annual JuneBug Festival of Music and by all appearances, Ross was happy. And when Ross is happy, everybody is happy.

Two bands performed last night: Marty Anderson and the Goods; and the RCAs (Rice County All Stars).

See the album of two dozen photos or this slideshow:

Tonight’s lineup:

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  1. Ross Currier said:

    Griff –

    You mean Uptown, that metamorphosizing retail district that is emerging as a bicycle-friendly link between our historic downtown and an envisioned mid-sized industrial and office park along the wild and scenic river, called thus because it is upriver from downtown?

    Yeah, JuneBug was great. Marty Anderson and The Goods was very much fun and the Rice County All Stars were pulling the people off of their seats and onto the dance floor. Tonight features the oh-so-tasty (Occasional) Jazz of Steve Kelly and his artistic collaborators, 100 years of American roots (and/or pop) music of Blue Moon, the beautiful and almost other worldly vocals of Meredith Fierke, and the recent regional phenomenom locally referred to as The Last Known Whereabouts.

    Come on down(town), have a bite and a sip, catch the tunes by the local talent and boogie under the stars by the river.

    – Ross

    June 27, 2008

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