Photo album: JuneBug Festival of Music, night #3 of 3

Last night was night #3 of the First Annual JuneBug Festival of Music.

The cold front came through earlier in the day, bringing some wet and dreary-looking skies in the afternoon. Weather radar showed a massive, spinning low pressure system over the entire states of Minnesota and Wisconsin that indicated the entire night would be wet.

A massive hunt for additional virgins to be sacrificed to the weather gods was conducted around 4 pm throughout downtown Northfield, packed with women shoppers at the time, but alas, none could be found.  Crossed fingers, however, did the trick. The front spun the rain to our north and south and the event remained dry the entire night.

Performances in order of appearance: Fish Frye, Loafers, Matthew Bunch, Gospel Gossip, Jon Manners, The Zillionaires.

See the album of seven dozen photos from last night or this slideshow:


  1. Jessica Paxton said:

    Griff, seriously. What’s with the picture of me looking like I’m being attacked by the biggest cockroach in Northfield?!? I just want to be quite clear that my expression has nothing to do with Sam’s ever-so stunning display of facial hair. Very nice look!
    Diggin’ the “Indy” pics! Thanks.
    Hey, huge thanks to everyone involved in the inaugural Junebug Music Fest. What a blast! So much fun, such good music and great food, and, yes, the weather gods were certainly smiling down on us. Can’t wait ’til next year’s second annual!

    June 29, 2008
  2. Julie Bixby said:

    Thanks to all of you who attended and enjoyed the First Annual JuneBug Festival of Music.

    Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters:
    NDDC, Tiny’s, College City Beverage, Sweet Pea’s Loft, Chapati,
    The Contented Cow, Built by Johnson, Kymn Radio & The Northfield News.
    Thanks to the City of Northfield and the Northfield Police for their help and support.

    Thanks to Griff for all the fabulous pictures!
    (Jess, what cockroach?)

    So many came all 3 nights! What a blast and a huge success!
    This is certainly evidence that Northfield welcomes and supports events such as this.

    We will be setting up a committee for next year with even more help from Ross & The NDDC.
    If anyone is interested in being on this committee please contact me at:


    June 30, 2008
  3. Julie Bixby said:

    I forgot to thank the musicians that played at JuneBug! Obviously, without them there would be no festival of music. Sorry guys and THANK YOU!

    July 1, 2008

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