RepJ reporter hired; Bonnie Obremski arrives in Northfield next week

repjlogo-thumb1 Bonnie Obremski

Our Representative Journalism colleagues have hired the first journalist for the project, Bonnie Obremski. She’s packing up her stuff in North Adams, Massachusetts where’s she been a news reporter for the The North Adams Transcript the past two years. After a cross-country drive, she’ll arrive in Northfield sometime early next week. We hope to have her on next week’s podcast.

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14 thoughts on “RepJ reporter hired; Bonnie Obremski arrives in Northfield next week”

  1. So I visited the first link and they have a video there where Locally Grown is mentioned. A quote from the video: “So Locally Grown is this site in Northfield; it’s run by Griff Wigley and two other people.” Ouch, Tracy and Ross. Ouch.

  2. Gee Gabe, if they’re not calling me a pig, a dog, or a baboon, I’m not complaining.

    But thanks for the tip; maybe Tracy and I can use it in our contract negotiations.

  3. Thanks for the boost, Gabe. But it really is okay. Especially when doing PR or looking for funding, our names don’t have the recognition and/or Web 2.0 cachet of “Griff Wigley”.

    Truthfully it bugs me more when LG is referred to, in Northfield, as “Griff’s blog”. But I have to admit that he’s always been the driving force behind it, so I can’t get too bent out of shape.

  4. Double Ouch Gabe.

    My fault, I am the guy in the video who only mentions Griff, eventhough I know how important Tracy and Ross are to this project. The collective wisdom — and I really mean this — from the three of them — Griff, Tracy and Ross — has been indispensible in moving this project forward.

    But Gabe thanks for paying such close attention.

  5. Bonnie,
    It’s great to see you with cows in the background and bicycle in the foreground! I hope that’s a helmet I see tucked under your arm–be sure to get it on your head when you ride!

    (local Bike Nazi who has cracked a bike helmet in action) Bruce

  6. I should not be surprised that my fleet-footed, globe-trotting, journalist daughter is moving to Northfield. Neither should I be wide-eyed at seeing her in New Hampshire while visiting a news blog based in Minnesota. Bonnie manages to astonish this parent constantly. So…Northfield isn’t as exotic a destination as Quito or Anchorage or Barcelona or St. Martin or North Adams. It is obvious that she will be keeping company with good folks in possession of intellectual and journalistic greatness.
    You seem to have chosen the right writer. I trust that you will all be kind and understanding to a hungry young journalist.


  7. Mo, thanks much for chiming in here. We’ll help you keep track of your daughter, but ‘kind and understanding’? I think you might have us confused with those other Northfields (NJ, NH, IL) 😉

  8. THE Griff Wigley?!! The man who danced with Mary Bly at JuneBug night?
    Wow. I had no idea Northfield was such a hotbed of popculture icons.
    Say hello to Rose Nylund for me!

  9. My sincere apologies sir, and to all, for being a little too familiar. Forgive me. I’m from Brooklyn and so sarcasm is sadly at the root of some of my expression. From what I’ve surfed so far, yours is an informative and progressive blogosphere. As evidenced by the mention of an ordinary citizens comment on last evening’s podcast. Also the link to Bruce Anderson’s blog. Oh..and I enjoyed the photos.

    However, I digress. This article is not about me. It is about RepJ Bonnie.
    I look forward to hearing her interview when you have her on.

  10. Bonnie and Josh are settled in, safe and sound.

    They’ve rented an apartment downtown on Division St.

    I’ll see them in the morning at Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse, sometime between 6-9 am.

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