Photo preview: Annie Get Your Girlfriends

I got this email from Machelle Kendrick about Annie Get Your Girlfriends! A Downtown Health Event on Friday, July 25  4-8pm (PDF poster):

annie-poster-sshot The event will take place in the Art Store and Anna’s Closet. Community Resource Bank is putting a great big tent in the parking lot between the bank and Oolala.  The usual suspects are participating along with some fresh new faces from Faribault and New Prague and Webster.

With the western theme we will all be dressing up in our giddy-up and we have some special guest stars: Coon Hollar Girls, Wild Bill Hickock, Dirty Sally and a special appearance by Annie Oakley.  In addition there will be some wild can-can girls dancing in the streets.

Lucy Sweitzer of Anna’s Closet, Nancy Moe of Northfield Hospital and Heather Lawrenz of Lawrenz Jewelry dressed up on Saturday and we had a professional photographer take pictures of the three of these women in business and they will be the face of our event… And it’s neat because the three women are different ages, represent different businesses, and serve in different capacities for the event and all are key to the success of AGYG.  The costumes these women dressed up in are courtesy of the NAG and the photographer’s name is Natalie Schultz, a young woman just starting in the photography business (Premier Focus Photography).

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  1. Machelle Kendrick said:

    Hi Griff,

    I’ve been involved with health-event planning for the last two years and I am wondering how the Locally Grown Audience feels about the value of these events for are for our community and the surrounding area. 2007 was my first experience with health event planning: it started with myself, Skip Zimmerman of the YMCA and Melanie Matson of HOPE. (FYI: Anne Bretts who is a regular here on Locally Grown was also a great volunteer on that event)

    We had many others volunteer their time and talent and we launched the first ever “Healthy Kids Day” in Northfield. It was a success-we had over 1500 people attend. The second annual HKD we had a smaller crowd due to weather but we still estimated around 1000 people this year.

    Since then a variety of different volunteers have come together to launch last year’s 4RealWomen (400 in attendance), ManZone (600 in attendance) and now: Annie Get Your Girlfriends! A Downtown Health Event. (We are estimating around 500) Now, there’s been talk and –and Locally Grown has the exclusive — of a pet health event.

    Yes, I said a pet health fair. Perhaps we could even tie in a pet-pride parade, a dog show, and celebrity pets. If you think of the numerous businesses in and around the area that have something to do with our beloved pets– we definitely would have enough exhibitors.

    Actually the idea of a Pet Health Fair/ Pet Parade came from mayoral candidate: Mary Rossing. She said, “you’ve done kids, women and men– have you ever considered pets?”

    And, the idea is intriguing… and we have a cracker-jack group of volunteers who have shown some interest… we have a good recipe for putting on these events at little to no cost (ManZone was done at no cost) so…

    What do you think? What should we call it? What time of the year would be best for an event like this?

    Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

    July 11, 2008
  2. Griff Wigley said:

    Machelle, I think the fact that these events are well-attended indicates they they’re meeting a need, both for consumers and local businesses. They’re not going to generate the same amount of buzz that civic events do but that’s understandable. The economic fabric and civic fabric of Northfield are inextricably woven together. (Hmm, I should trademark that phrase!)

    I’m thrilled (as I’m sure Ross is) that you guys are hosting this one in the heart of downtown.

    July 11, 2008
  3. Mary Rossing said:

    How about “Fur Fair”? “Dogs all day” –oh wait, that’s taken

    Thanks Machelle for all that you do for Northfield–you get it!

    July 12, 2008
  4. “Fur Fair” works. The name for this year’s downtown health event: “Annie Get Your Girlfriends!” is getting rave reviews…perhaps the Northfield Pet Event can be called: “Billy Get Your Beagles!”

    What an extreme compliment coming from you, Mary. Geesh, when you and I had this conversation about events– I had stopped in to connect with you on the many different hats you wear:
    Present Perfect Mary,
    Downtown Cheerleader Mary (NDDC),
    Mary-the-Better-Business-for-Northfield-Mary (Chamber)– and now possibly “Mary the Mayor”
    Holy Noodles! Talk about getting it…

    and… here is a few others who truly get it– they also top my list of strong and beautiful women-

    Julie Standfuss of Professional Drive Dental
    Joey Robison of Just Food
    Nancy Moe of Northfield Hospital
    Melanie Matson of HOPE (Melanie has the coolest title ever: she is the “Director of Social Change for HOPE)
    Heather Lawrenz of Lawrenz Jewelry
    Pam Taubman of Cannon Valley Water
    Virgina Kazmarek of YMCA
    Lisa Gillispie of Rice County
    Mary Closner of SWAG
    Lucy Sweitzer of Anna’s Closet

    If there was an award for “getting it” as it relates to community event planning for Northfield my vote would be cast for Betty Chapman of Community Resource Bank.
    Betty and the bank have been the wind beneath the wings on the last couple of events. They get it.

    Oh, and back to the pet fair: what about “Susie Get Your Salamanders?”

    July 12, 2008
  5. Machelle, you’ve done a fantastic job with these health fairs, thanks for all you do for the community.
    I’m very excited for Annie Get Your Girlfriends! I’m sure it will be a fun event, just as all the others have been. Erica Staab, the new Executive Director at HOPE Center, will be at our booth – please feel free to stop by and welcome her.

    July 12, 2008
  6. Joey Robison said:

    Great news- There will be a “Dance Dance Revolution” gaming station at “Annie”! I think women of all ages will be interested in trying out this video game that is supposed to be a great, fun workout. I know I want to try it out!

    July 14, 2008
  7. Mary Closner said:

    Machelle – I applaud the efforts you and your team have gone to for yet another event promoting Northfield! It is of great value to all of us and especially those who have businesses downtown. We love having people “out and about.”

    You have an innate ability to get people excited and involved! I look forward to attending the event and meeting the diverse group of women who you have brought together. Think of all that creativity and brain power in one location…kinda scary.

    Good luck to all involved with this fun event!

    July 15, 2008
  8. Joey Robison said:

    It will be interesting to see how holding the event on Division Street changes the dynamic. All previous community health events (4RealWomen, ManZone, Healthy Kids Day, and Whole Living Expo) were held farther away from downtown. I wonder if there will be higher attendence, and I wonder if the dowtown businesses will see a lot of business from the event.

    July 15, 2008

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