Photo album redux: Crazy Daze 2003-05

I saw Ross’ NDDC blog post on Crazy Daze coming up this week on Thursday (see the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce’s Crazy Daze page for the complete rundown of events) and it reminded me to blog my old Crazy Daze photo albums to help promote the event (alas, I missed both 2006 and 2007):

See the Crazy Daze 2005 album or this slideshow:

See the Crazy Daze 2004 album or this slideshow:

See the Crazy Daze 2003 album or this slideshow:

One thought on “Photo album redux: Crazy Daze 2003-05”

  1. Griff –

    You missed BOTH 2006 and 2007?

    I hope that you’ve got a better plan for 2008.

    – Ross

    P. S. Although with you not there, that’s just more Alaskan Doughnuts for me.

    P. P. S. Hayes was telling me about some special plans the Northfield Historical Society has for Crazy Daze this year but it slips my mind.

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