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  1. Bonnie,
    Thanks for doing this. I’m sure there are tougher questions than these, but I don’t think you could go wrong with the basics:
    – What do you see as the successes and failures of your administration?
    – Why are you running for reelection?

  2. What have you done unbeknownst to the general public to bring understanding and reconciliation to the various factions on the City Council, and would you be able to follow through with these if you are not re-elected?

  3. After everything that has happened in the past few years why should we support him? What has he done as mayor to earn/keep our trust?

    What does he say to the clear contradictions that have been stated in the Northfield News about his personal business dealings? How can we be sure that that kind of behavior doesn’t enter into his political decisions?

  4. Mary : Your questions are valid; I think you might find the Mayor’s answers vindicating if you came to them with an open mind, not a preconceived opinion that was resistant to change.

    The first two years of the mayor’s three year(so far) term in office should give you plenty of reasons for earning your support, if you weighed them against the unresolved controversy of this last year.

    You alone can judge the value of the newspaper’s reports, to you.

    You might begin an analysis of fiscal responsibility by tracking if it is the Mayor, or which councilperson, who raises fiscal issues at the council meetings. And then evaluate the seriousness, to the community, of those PUBLIC fiscal obligations.

  5. Thanks for the great questions everyone. The interview went well and I asked most of the questions posted here. I’m having technical difficulties uploading the video but it should be posted soon.

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