5 thoughts on “Something’s happening here; what it is ain’t exactly clear”

  1. Hayes is correct….the sidewall of the dam is being repaired. While it looked mighty fun on a hot day to be playing in front of the dam, I suspect OSHA would have a few words with the workers!

  2. The square fencing on the west side of the river in Ames Mill Park is to deter geese from entering the river there where tall grass has been planted along the bank. There’s evidently some evidence that geese avoid tall grass that can hide predators.

    Wasn’t something similar tried by Carleton around Lyman Lakes a few years ago, to no avail?

  3. Ray,
    I thought the exact same thing,
    No flotation devices,
    no throwable rings
    nothing in the event of an unplanned swim or accident.

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