Northfield retail sales support global cause

When roaming around for Crazy Daze this morning, I picked up a couple of books at Monkey See, Monkey Read and noticed the very cool bike proprietor Jerry Bilek had on the sidewalk.

No, he’s not going into the bike business; he’s going into humanitarian aid.

In his blog entry about the bike and the concept, Jerry says,

For every two bikes I sell, Kona will donate one to a home health worker in Africa as part of the BikeTown Africa program. This video explains the program better than I can.

This particular bike is a single-speed utilitarian model with “thorn-proof tires”. A three-speed model is also available. Go to Jerry’s blog to get to the tech specs of the bike; I just liked the idea that you can shop local and support an important humanitarian cause at the same time. Jerry, like many of our independent retailers here in Northfield, has a lot of interesting ideas.

4 thoughts on “Northfield retail sales support global cause”

  1. Thanks for spotlighting this, Tracy! I was glad to hear from Jerry that he was doing this. I look forward to seeing the bikes. I donated some books to Jerry to support the cause, and others may want to do the same.

  2. Jerry–

    You might want to fix your blog. The latest entry about the bikes says you will donate one for every two books sold. I think you mean every two bikes, right? (If I didn’t notice things like this, I probably would be out of work.) Anyhow, good luck with this project. I saw the bikes outside your shop yesterday but at that time didn’t know what they were for. Now I understand.

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