School district presentation on levy referenda

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I attend last night’s presentation by the Northfield Public Schools on their upcoming levy referenda. Ten (yep, 10) citizens attended, with another ten or so staff and board members there. Photos (click to enlarge):
Left: Superindendent Chris Richardson and Board Chair Kari Nelson.
Center: Board members Diane Cirksena and Mike Berthelsen
Right: Anne Maple and Julie Pritchard of the Citizens for Quality Education

Click play to listen. 1 hour.

0 to 3:55: Kari Nelson
3:55 to 32:20: Chris Richardson
32:20 to 59:20: Question and answers. (I had more than my share of questions.)
59:20 to 60:00 Kari Nelson

I’ll have another blog post later this week in preparation for next week’s show on this issue with guest Kari Nelson, Board Chair.

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