Creativity and the “Coffee Quotient”

espresso.gifSince Ross is AWOL from Locally Grown today, I thought I’d fill in with a nice fluffy post.

To some, the ratio of coffeehouses to population is indicative of a “Creative Class” community. As a beatnik wannabe, I’m all over the idea of having some place to hang out and hit the bongos. Northfield’s cool, daddy-o. I did some rough calculations (if I’m wrong, I’m sure Nick Benson will set me straight), and have determined Northfield’s Coffee Quotient to be somewhere between 2.74 and 5.71 per 10,000 population as of 2003 estimates, depending upon whether or not the Ole Store, Quality Bakery, and/or college students were included in the equation.

You can check out the original Coffee Quotient index, based upon the number and locations of the evil Starbucks, here on


  1. Nick Benson said:

    “No comment.” 😉

    February 13, 2007
  2. Tracy Davis said:

    Geez, Nick, I thought if I baited you, you’d at least check my math…? Everything must be okay then.

    February 13, 2007

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