Gimse sculpture unveiling today

nter outside of the Lampe Law Group offices IMG_8721

While taking some photos of the 5th St. construction yesterday, I noticed the base of the planter outside of the Lampe Law Group offices. Hmmm. And when I walked into the GBM this morning, I saw the model of the Mac Gimse sculpture, ‘Between Earth and Sky,’ with its flyer on today’s unveiling and festivities at 3 pm. Oh yeah!

See ArtOrg Executive Director Dave Machacek’s blog post for more details.

Update 9:45 PM:

The sculpture was still being installed tonight at around 8 pm when I happened by.

Mac Gimse sculpture, 'Between Earth and Sky' Mac Gimse sculpture, 'Between Earth and Sky'

3 thoughts on “Gimse sculpture unveiling today”

  1. About 75 people attended the ceremony, but the final placement of the main sculpture piece was completed later that evening. There is still a rotating element to the sculpture which will be put on later this week.

    Here are photos of the event. Thanks to everyone who helped make this wonderful day a success!

    The sculpture has been officially added to this photoset, too, showing most all of the other sculptures in the area! If you want to see these works on an interactive map, click here.

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