3 thoughts on “Momma, don’t let your babies grow up to be librarians”

  1. Griff: do I owe you some money or something?!? What’s with the repeat use of the blackmail material? Didn’t I express enough anguish the first time you posted that photo?!?

    For the record, Milo’s emulating Indiana Jones, not a cowboy. Like Indy, he plans to be a professor/archaeologist/adventurer. (That is, when he’s not performing with his rock & roll band).

    And I would be equally thrilled if he chose to be a librarian/yoga guru/master gardener/art aficionado like Sam.

  2. Jessica, the photo was buried in an album the first time so I just had to give it a higher profile. Give Milo and Sam my apologies. Alas, none are forthcoming for you, however.

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