Mayoral Platform: James Schlichting

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  1. James Schlichting is very articulate and certainly experienced. But does he actually represent the people of Northfield as a whole, or only certain interests.

    I like efficiency, preventive measures, lists, elimination of OSHA violations, elimination of liquor related jobs, but I am against a city run liquor store.
    Use that energy for something more constructive, please. And I urge people who are not speaking up against the liquor store, saying, oh it saves us taxes, to please come forth and know that there are plenty of other ways to save taxes, if only some leader would know the quieter part of the townspeople,
    have a little daring and imagination to go along with the experience, and lead to a healthier alternative, such as a juice bar with juke box music for a quarter a hit, and maybe some dancing. There are a lot of people who love to dance around here. Fun stuff like that that everyone can participate in.
    Not everyone swims or reads or plays hockey or baseball, you know.

    August 17, 2008

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