Donor recognition for the Spring Creek Park Soccer Complex and Amerman Pavilion

Amerman Pavilion Spring Creek Park Soccer Complex sponsors Amerman Pavilion sponsors

The City of Northfield has mounted two donor recognition signs to the interior of the Amerman Pavilion at the Spring Creek Park Soccer Complex on Jefferson Parkway. The signs list all the organizations, businesses, and individuals who contributed to the construction of both the complex and the pavilion.

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  1. Betsey Buckheit said:

    Thanks for posting these examples of public/private partnering and strong local leadership. In addition to the Spring Creek Soccer fields and the Amerman Pavilion, the complex also boasts the WINGS Oasis (drinking fountain and misters for cooling off) and Every Body’s Playground, a handicapped accessible playground (Beth Benson lead the effort on this one).

    Incidentally, Jeff Amerman’s daughter Ruth continues the family tradition – she’s been instrumental in the Key’s Skatepark development efforts.

    August 17, 2008

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