Who knows about The Old Heidelberg Inn?

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On Saturday Northfielder Millie Johnson and her daughter Jean Churilla (left) visited our house (which is for sale, in case you wondered if I was going to once again engage in shameless self-promotion. I’m considering it.)

Millie and her husband Percy Johnson (now-deceased) owned our house from the 1950s through 1984. They moved it in 1974 from its original location near McDonald’s on Hwy 3 (left center and right center). Millie told us that it was cut in half before they owned it. The photo on the right above is one I took last summer of the other half of the house a few blocks away on Jefferson Road.

The owners of the house had a chicken hatchery on the property when she and Percy bought it and long before that, when it was all one building, she said it had been an inn, called The Old Heidelberg Inn.

At a recent party, we were told by Northfield history buff and James Gang re-enactment member Chip DeMann that the house was at one time owned by the Ames family, owners of the Ames Mill that eventually became home to Malt-O-Meal.

I really want to find a photo of the house before it had been cut in half. I guess it’s time to make a trip to the Northfield Historical Society and maybe the Northfield News database at the Northfield Public Library.

If anyone has knowledge of the history of the house or The Old Heidelberg Inn, attach a comment or let me know.

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