The City of Northfield Friday Memo for week of August 11-15, 2008 (Joel Walinksi, you’re my hero)

fridaymemothumbJoel-Walinski The Friday Memo, written by interim Northfield City Administrator Joel Walinski and many of the department directors, managers, and supervisors, summarizes many of the staff activities for the week. Although it’s directed to the mayor and city council, it’s helpful for citizens to see what’s going, too.

The Friday memos are published and archived in PDF form at the bottom of Joel Walinski’s web page. See the Friday memo for this past week and then comment or ask questions about it here.

NOTE! There’s a new format to the Friday Memo.  As per our request to Walinski on our Locally Grown podcast last week, it’s now clear who’s the author of which sections of the Memo.  In addition to Walinski, last week’s Friday Memo includes reports from:

  • Administration: Kathy Fredrickson, Administrative Assistant
  • Finance: Kathleen McBride, Finance Director
  • Information Technology: Melissa Reeder, Information Technology Director
  • Library: Lynne Young, Library Director
  • Community Development: Brian O’Connell, Community Development Director
  • Housing: Michele Merxbauer, HRA Manager
  • Planning: Dan Olson, City Planner
  • Engineering: Katy Gehler Hess, City Engineer
  • Public Works Operations: Brian Erickson, Public Works Operation Engineer
  • Facilities: Bernie Shakal, Facilities Supervisor
  • Recreation: Jason Eisold, Recreation Manager
  • Streets and Parks: TJ Heinricy, Streets & Parks Supervisor
  • Wastewater: Glenn Lindroos, Wastewater Superintendent
  • Water: Doug Lien, Water Superintendent

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