The George Gershwin-Northfield Connection

Please excuse me for abusing my bully pulpit here on LoGro, but I’d like to promote an out-of-town event with a highly local connection.

Today’s Star Tribune included the review: “New Gershwin a Hit” in which my stepson, Rico Heisler, received accolades for his starring role. (Those of you who know Rico’s dad, Lance Heisler, or have seen him in court, will have no doubts about where Rico got his theatrical streak.)

In addition to being a professional actor, Rico is also attending law school at William Mitchell College of Law, and he and his wife Kari are the parents of the world’s cutest grandchild.

Tickets to the show, the Tony-award-winning “Crazy For You”, are available through the Bloomington Civic Theatre. The show runs through Sept. 14.

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