Hayes Scriven, Emperor, Northfield Historical Society


I took this photo of Hayes Scriven at the Community Volunteer Festival last Saturday. Click to enlarge.

Hayes has been the interim executive director at the Northfield Historical Society for the past seven months.

I see in a NHS blog post this morning he’s posted a press release announcing that he’s now the Executive Director.

The NHS board evidently tried to sweeten the deal with a loaded Cadillac Escalade SUV but his agent instead negotiated the rights for him to participate in the James Gang re-enactment each year during DJJD, with a future movie deal in the works.

7 thoughts on “Hayes Scriven, Emperor, Northfield Historical Society”

  1. Junior Posse? Can somebody enlighten us more about it or provide a link?

    Otherwise I just might have to do an FN piece about how the NHS is teaching our children to use Colt 45s to hunt down dangerous criminals.

  2. Junior Posse, is the young version of our adult posse. These are high school students that become experts on the failed robbery and give tours in the summer to visitors. It is a really good program! Now Griff, you could become a tour guid as well! I bet you would have a blast!

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