What’s so Funny about Northfield?

MinnMonthlySept08.jpgThe September edition of Minnesota Monthly has an article about Northfield’s upcoming mayoral primary.

Titled “Cows, Colleges and Consternation“, the article by Northfielder Joy Riggs summarizes recent political events, analyzes the upcoming elections, and highlights some of the more colorful aspects of the mayoral candidates. Brendon Etter’s so-called “satirical platform” seems to fit right in with the rest of the story.

Many years ago, a real estate promoter told me, “No publicity is bad publicity”. I guess it’s good to see that Northfield continues to make the news.


  1. David Henson said:

    President Reagan’s PR team released footage of him riding horse back along with the news that the Beirut barracks were bombed … they said after a week or two nobody remembered the news story but always remembered Reagan out horseback riding. So Northfield just needs to be sure the pictures are cute and idyllic !

    August 21, 2008
  2. Too bad the illustration that goes along with the story is not included. You’ve gotta see the circus tent picture of the candidates. Those who were at the mayoral gathering at the Cow tonight got a chance to see the copy I brought and got quite a kick out of it. (I think. ) Brendon was not there, but he must be happiest of all about the story, since he is one of the few actually named and his platform of promising to build liquor stores everywhere he possibly can and seeking a public apology from all who will not support him is the only platform mentioned, aside from the general theme of the candidacies that Tracy Davis gave as “throw the rascals out.”
    What a story: “Cows, Colleges and Consternation” by Joy Riggs. Why is it in fluff and faux news? Pretty much factual as to what has happened!
    As someone said, “Well, at least heroin is not featured.”

    August 21, 2008

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