Bridgewater Produce: melons and sweet corn and cukes, oh my

Bridgewater Produce has a new stand in the corner of Village Drug’s parking lot at Division and 7th.  In addition to sweet corn, they have melons, cukes, tomatoes and… I’m not sure what else, but it’s likely to be, um, Locally Grown.

Bridgewater Produce Bridgewater Produce

Right photo: No, the customer was not wondering why there was only one ear of corn left. (More arrived in 5 minutes.) She was wondering who the heck was taking her photo.

6 thoughts on “Bridgewater Produce: melons and sweet corn and cukes, oh my”

  1. That’s my daughter, Hannah, working at the stand! She works hard all day long. Bridgewater produce is a great place to work– they treat the kids really well. At least Hannah thinks so.

    Good food, too!

  2. Holly, I had no idea Hannah’s your daughter. Cool coincidence. BTW, she was quite the personable staffer. She was chatty and engaging with both me and the other customers, insisting we wait a few more minutes till more corn arrived. She was inquisitive about my photos and the blog, and promised to let the owners know. Bridgewater Produce is lucky to have someone like that dealing with their customers.

  3. Thanks Griff! It’s wonderful to hear your postiive feedback.:) I love working for Bridgewater Produce. The Larson are such hardworking and generous people.

    See you at the stand! DIvision and seventh

  4. Thanks Griff for the kind words! We love our sunny Hannah. Her personality reminds me of my mother’s. 🙂

    I bought a ton of strawberries down there today. Jammin’ And we’re having BLT’s for dinner. Hooray for summer meals with easy clean up.

    Yes, the strawberries are the Larson’s berries. And the watermelon will be in this week? Carrots, cukes, melon, tomatoes, corn, squash…

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