Origins of faux news: NDDC and the Riverfront Development Site

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I was poking around my photo archives earlier this week for the post on the Crossing and I stumbled on this blog post from January 7, 2005. It struck me that it was the very first faux news blog post I’d ever done, complete with a poorly doctored photo (left. click all to enlarge):

Last week, NDDC President Dan Bergeson noted in the NDDC blog that seven buildings were to be demolished this week along the Riverfront Development site. As of this morning, all the buildings were still standing.

Bergeson and NDDC Executive Director Ross Currier evidently decided to take matters into their own hands, starting with the Exhaust Pros building. I took this photo (click it for a high-res version) around 12:30 pm. They hoped to finish off all seven buildings by sometime later today.

kump building thumb.jpg kump storage thumb.jpg
For those who might not remember some of the businesses on that site, here’s my list: Kump Lumber (photos above), Exhaust Pros, Godfather’s Pizza, Bill’s Pizza, Tom Thumb, Schultzie’s Bike, the City of Northfield street shop, Byzantine, Riverview Legacy Motel. Did I miss any?

Historical blog posts: Dan Bergeson posted to the NDDC blog in Sept. of 2004 about the site. I blogged the presentation at the Grand in Dec. 2004. Ray Cox blogged about this site after that meeting.

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