2008 Primary Election Returns

See the Secretary of State’s website here. This is a link only; comments are turned off.

9:20 pm update by Griff: The City of Northfield is posting its primary results to a single PDF page which evidently will have to be continually refreshed

9:40 pm update by Griff: The City’s results appear to be final, although there’s no “X of Y precincts reporting”

9:48 PM update by Griff: correction: only 8 of 9 precincts are reporting.

9:51 PM update by Griff: Now all precincts are reporting. The results:

Mary Rossing: 1,216
Paul Hager: 581
Eduardo Wolle: 397
David Hvistendahl: 380
James Schlichting : 252
Lee Lansing: 170
Jon Denison: 21

Kris Vohs: 1,247
Dana Graham: 866
David DeLong: 557

Erica Zweifel: 322
Don McGee:164
Alan Lindberg: 11

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