Another Feather in the “Arts Town” Cap

Grezzo Gallery got a great writeup in the Star Tribune today as the latest offering from a “little city that never seems to tire of the arts”.

Grezzo Gallery used MySpace to find artists looking for venues in which to exhibit, and have already booked rotating monthly exhibits for the next year. They’re a great example of how to combine global (internet) and local (brick-and-mortar) in a way that supports and strengthens both the arts and our local community. Something tells me that Ross might have more to say on this subject….

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  1. Ross Currier said:

    Hey Griff:

    Yeah, I did have something to say about it:

    The article reinforced something I was thinking at last night’s party (when are you going to upload the pictures…), and perhaps you noticed it too. A heck a lot of the new business owners, like Nick and Stephen, are just south of 30. Let’s go in a bottle of Geritol, eh?

    By the way, Ally, Joe and Linda, thanks for throwing the party. It was a darn good time, in Downtown Northfield.


    February 21, 2007

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