Chalking It Up Again

Sacramento recently held their annual Chalk It Up! festival in support of funding for arts education. (See’s Flickr album for more photos.)

I blogged about this a couple of years ago under the heading, “Something Else to Do With Sidewalks”. This could be a great enhancement to some of our community events….. perhaps an addition to ArtSwirl? Unfortunately that’s in the summer when the college students aren’t here.

Maybe the Key could take up the idea!


  1. Great idea! Let’s do it!

    September 18, 2008
  2. Martha Cashman said:

    When my husband and I lived in Carlsbad CA, the chamber sponsored a big chalk-up weekend up by the Lego Land amusement park. It was great! The pros where fascinating and gifted. The casual visitor could get their own smaller square and go to town on it with the pro’s being available for advice and guidance.

    Tracy, I think it would be an excellent idea for Art Swirl. It would be great either at the intersection where the Rare Pair, Bank, central park and the museum are or over by the river.

    September 19, 2008

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