Harvest sculpture arrives on Water St. promenade

Ray 'Jake' Jacobson's 'Harvest' sculpture Ray 'Jake' Jacobson's 'Harvest' sculpture Ray 'Jake' Jacobson's 'Harvest' sculpture

I didn’t realize it but Ray ‘Jake’ Jacobson’s ‘Harvest’ sculpture was placed on the Water St. promenade yesterday around noon. Jake told me back in August that it would likely be mid-October.  See Ray Cox’s Northfield Construction Company blog post for details on the move. (Dang! Scooped by my client.)

Will there be an official installation ceremony?

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  1. The official installation ceremony is scheduled for October 16. Between now and then granite pavers will be installed around the base of the sculpture. Jake has created a marvelous pattern that uses seven different types of granite. It will be a beautiful addition to our new promenade.

  2. Oh, and congrats to Jeff Johnson, soon-to-be new local owner of KYMN!
    I will have to amend my story in the Northfield Entertainment Guide about KYMN’s 40th anniversary this month which listed Ingstad Broadcasting as the owner.
    This is wonderful news. I know how pleased Wayne Eddy is, in particular, to have KYMN back in local hands. Way to go, Jeff!

  3. I took a stroll down by the river this morning and while much finish work is still to be done (don’t admire the sculpture as you walk by or you’ll fall into an unfilled circle around it!), I have to send my congratulations to the city and the workers for greatly improving this area of downtown.

    Now, how do we draw people down by the river to enjoy the new setting? Or, will it happen naturally by design.

  4. Wow, I love our new riverfront and sculpture. And I love how it matches the fountain. Beautiful work, Northfield Construction company, Ray Jacobson, and etc. Great, great, great!

    We’ve been looking at a few houses in town (no, we haven’t sold our hobbyfarm)– there’s one where the entrance makes the whole house. It’s just outstanding. Northfield Construction put it in in the ’90’s.

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