State Historic Preservation Conference in Northfield This Weekend (Ross Scooped Me)

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for weeks, ever since I received a brochure in the mail about the conference.

The image on the front of the brochure made me think, “Looks like Northfield”. At second glance: “Hey! It IS Northfield!” (Postcard shown is not the brochure image.)

Ross blogged the details and several links on his NDDC post yesterday. Check it out and help welcome the conference attendees to town.


  1. Mary Rossing said:

    The community is invited to a public reception at the Northfield Historical Society for the conference attendees, community leaders and interested others on Thursday, September 18th at 7pm. Come down and tell the preservation folks what you love about our historic downtown!

    September 17, 2008
  2. What I love today about our historic downtown is the Northfield News article, “Old State Bank Gets New Life,” about the historic preservation work spearheaded by my sainted brother David Hvistendahl on the Old State Bank designed by famed architect Harry Wild Jones in 1910. It is now the golden-domed Hvistendahl, Moersch and Dorsey Law Office Building at 311 Water St. S. The building was mentioned and pictured in a recent coffee-table book on Jones’ work where Jones is quoted as saying “Another building just like it cannot be found in this country.”
    In 2007 I wrote a comprehensive history of this site which can be found at the Northfield Historical Society and in the law office itself, if you would like further details.
    I also love the Scriver Building, home of the Northfield Historical Society. Thanks to the visionary Northfielders who saved the site where the 1876 robbery took place (did you hear the story? it seems Jesse James….oh, you’ve heard that tale, have you?) and have worked on it over the years.
    And then there is the oldest building in Northfield, the Lyceum, where John North himself held meetings and debates……Guess I had better stop now.
    Northfield has wonderful historic buildings and people who care enough to work on their preservation. Welcome to the Statewide Historic Preservation Conference members!

    September 17, 2008
  3. Mary,

    Thanks for beating me to the punch about pubing the reception!

    It should be a good time!

    September 17, 2008
  4. Tracy Davis said:

    I’d love to hear a report of any of the conference sessions – neither Ross nor I can attend at all. I especially regret missing Kennedy Smith, so if anyone attends, please report here!

    September 19, 2008

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