A city-sponsored fundraiser selling cigarettes in Bridge Square

In this week’s Northfield News, there’s a Letter to the Editor from Victoria Schlecht in opposition to the City selling liquor via its Municipal Liquor Store.

I’m not necessarily opposed to the City selling liquor but I thought I’d highlight one of her arguments (italics mine):

The whole issue became clear to me when I tried to explain the idea to my children. In school they learn the evils of all kinds of drug use, including alcohol. They learn the role of government in their lives. To hear the message that drinking alcohol can cause problems in life, and then hear that their government is in the business of selling this substance makes about as much sense as a city-sponsored fundraiser selling cigarettes in Bridge Square.

joe_camel.jpgVictoria, the Muni (city-sponsored) sells cigarettes every day but Sunday from its location (Bridge Square), making a profit for the city budget ($5,000 yearly fundraiser).

I’d really be interested to hear what your children have to say when you tell them this.


  1. Victoria Schlecht said:

    Ha…I never thought of that (about the cigarettes)! I wonder if the city would make as much money if they sponsored fruit and vegetable sales…not!
    Thanks for commenting on my editorial.
    Victoria Schlecht

    November 14, 2007
  2. John George said:

    Griff- Is this the “smoking gun” we’ve all been looking for in the state of affairs with the local government? And, don’t tell me to “butt” out!

    Victoria- Thanks for the editorial. I brought this up in some discussion on this site a couple months ago about the city selling gateway drugs. It is nice to know there are still some kids who are not afraid to say that the king doesn’t have any clothes on.

    November 14, 2007

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