Basil’s Pizza, then and now: what’s going on?

Basil's Pizza historic photo Basil's Pizza 2008

According to Steve Wilmot at SMSQ Architects, “Basil’s pizza is one of the oldest wood framed buildings in town.”

He sent me historic photo of the building (left photo, behind the horse’s head) as well as a photo of work being done yesterday.

Anyone know what’s going on? And what year would the historic photo have been taken?

4 thoughts on “Basil’s Pizza, then and now: what’s going on?”

  1. Griff,
    Thanks for update on the Basil’s Pizza exterior face-lift project. Watch for the finishing touches to be completed in the next couple of weeks, including a new awning, to be installed very soon. If you have any questions about the materials we used or about the process of the installation, please feel free to call. Check out our work and enjoy dinner at Northfield’s newly renovated Basil’s Pizza!
    Thanks again,
    Mark Pagel
    PAGEL Exteriors
    Northfield, MN

  2. Having enjoyed Basil’s since 1969, I love the new ‘face-lift’. It protects the integrity of the building and, yet, presents an inviting image to the new generations of Basil customers.

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