EDA: National Hoist and Derrick Company to locate in new business park

american-hoist-crane The Northfield EDA announced earlier today that the National Hoist and Derrick Company (NHDC) of Chicago (tag line: “Our erections are harder and stay up longer“) has selected Northfield as its location for expansion. The company plans to build a 250,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in the new business park, employing 100-150 workers.

“We’ve gotten to third base several times with this company over the past few month,” said EDA member Vicki Summo. “With the Greenvale Township property annexation all but complete, we were finally able to score.”

Roscoe Curry, VP of Public Relations for the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce, expressed excitement as word of the announcement traveled through cyberspace today. “These are exactly the kind of metal-benders we were hoping to attract. And the fact that the company stiffed Faribault in favor of us… well, I’m just happier than a puppy with two peters.”

NHDC bronze sculpture in Chicago NHDC spokesman Hugh G. Wreckshun said the company has been “… looking for a way to penetrate the Upper Midwest market for many years. It’s quite a relief to reach a climax in our negotiations with such a fertile location as Northfield.”

He also announced that the company would be donating a bronze sculpture for placement on Northfield’s downtown River Walk, part of the new Arts Quarter. 

“It’ll be similar to the sculpture we placed here in a park near our Chicago headquarters. Having Mr. Happy standing at attention 24×7 is a constant reminder of what inspires all of us.”

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  1. Well, David L did say that we should welcome any and all businesses. This one seems to have plenty of growth potential – but will it last?

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