Doug McGill’s journalism class at Carleton to focus on Northfield

Doug McGill's class at Carleton Doug McGill's class at Carleton Doug McGill and Griff Wigley Doug McGill's class at Carleton

Doug McGill, visiting instructor in English at Carleton, invited me and Northfield Citizens Online/ board member Doug Bratland to his Truth vs. Power: A Journey in Journalism class this week to talk about our local experiences with citizen journalism, community media, and Northfield’s civic blogosphere.

doug mcgillThere’s a good possibility that some (all?) of the students in this class will soon be producing stories (written, audio, video) on topics related to Northfield. I’ll highlight their stuff here as soon as its available.

See Doug McGill’s own About page as well as Carleton’s About Doug McGill page.

14 thoughts on “Doug McGill’s journalism class at Carleton to focus on Northfield”

  1. Glad you could go in and teach those good for nothing Carls a thing or two about citizen journalism, Griff, and disappointed I missed out on it. Did Mr. Schott have anything to do with this or is the J program running out of the English dept.?

    – Cameron

  2. Cameron,

    The English department is the home for the class, but I’d be willing to bet Prof. Schott had something to do with getting Doug McGill here to teach it. Could be wrong, but it seems like something he would be involved in.

  3. Hey Cameron, good to hear from you. I’m not sure to what extent John Schott was involved, but maybe Doug M. can tell us.

    FYI, we (the LoGroNo Triumvirate) have worked out an arrangement with Brandon Walker, KRLX news manager and Jeff Johnson, new owner of KYMN, to air our weekly LG podcasts on both stations. We’ll still mostly record at KYMN’s studio since it’s bigger but next week we’ll be at your former home – KRLX’s studio.

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