Locally Grown site traffic report for September: a record for unique visitors, comments

Locally Grown site traffic report for September 2008 

LoGroNo (Locally Grown Northfield) traffic for September was up over the previous month, according to Google Analytics:

  • 22,911 Visits; Previous: 21,680 (+5.68%)
  • 6,921 Absolute Unique Visitors; Previous: 6,321 (+9.49%)
  • 54,907 Pageviews; Previous: 54,748 (+0.29%)

The number of unique visitors was just shy of 7,000 for the month, our highest ever.

#1 blog post for September was Presidential election 2008: candidates, campaigns, issues.

Participation: Number of people commenting during the month: 107. Previous: 130.

Number of comments posted during the month:  1211 (highest ever). Previous: 966.

16 thoughts on “Locally Grown site traffic report for September: a record for unique visitors, comments”

  1. Mine is loading properly today, Jane, but I was having the same problem last week, plus a couple of others, all of which did seem to correct themselves.

    But i have wondered if it is possible for someone to “mess with” the LG site, since there have been a lot of reports of small problems… links not working, etc…
    What about it , Griff?

  2. Jane/Kiffi,

    No problems with the LG platform (WordPress) or server (TigerTech) in many weeks, that I know of.

    We do occasionally get this notice, however:

    Alert! User Error. Please replace user and press any key to continue

  3. From a kid of mine who looks at LG from a far distant coast… “the sidebar in LG not loading; I think it’s an ‘Explorer’ problem”.
    So looks like it might be the browser, not the user, as Griff implies. (Griff : you are always suspect of the non-technocrat, and with good cause, in my case)

  4. Well, Griff, I think you need to replace the user on your end that is messing up the sidebars for eveyone on our end. (Just think of it as another “unique visitor” opportunity for October.)

  5. When I’m using IE 7 (not my usual browser of choice), the comments on the right usually do not appear on the main page. However, the comments do appear on the right if I am on one of the individual blog pages.

    On firefox, everything seems to work fine.

  6. The other new and cute thing is double comments–makes it seem like there are more comments–is this a trick to get more comments on for October?

  7. Alas, we’re still have problems with the LG template/theme, so we’ve put up a canned theme for now so that comments appear in the right sidebar on the homepage.

    Patience appreciated.

  8. We’re getting closer. Sean has a new theme installed. It’s working (two right sidebars now) for FireFox, Google Chrome, and Safari. We’re still having trouble with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 — only one sidebar shows. I’ll post another update by 6:30 PM if it’s still not fixed. Or sooner, if it is.

  9. This may not be your biggest worry, but the sidebars are pretty narrow. When I look at the site on a wide monitor, it’d be nice to have the page fill the width of the monitor, so the sidebar comments would be easier to read.

    Also, is this really the font you want?

  10. The site is now (basically) working, though it is certainly missing some polish and whiz-bang features.

    Please post here if you notice any problems.

    Patrick, I agree that the sidebars are a little tight, and I’ll think about how we can address that in the future. The font — Georgia — is intentional, and picked mainly because it’s a really easy font to read. It’ll get you through those long discussion threads much faster!

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