Do Android Police Officers Count Electric Sheep?

KanabPolice.jpgBart DeMalignon sent me a story and pictures from Kanab, Utah. It’s called “Cost Effective Speed Control”. They put decoy police officers in parked cars in hopes of encouraging observance of the speed limits.

Bart wondered if the local residents catch on to this ruse unless the patrol car is moved fairly often. Then he speculated that perhaps they’re just trying to catch speeding mannequins.

It made me wonder that if we took to “storing” our police vehicles in strategic traffic locations, perhaps we wouldn’t be outgrowing the Safety Center quite so quickly.

Thanks for the e-mail, Bart.


  1. Tracy Davis said:

    Ross, I know you. You’re leaning toward the dark side, and your post title is simply designed as a segue into announcing your new endeavor to turn Northfield into a different kind of Arts Town.

    February 26, 2007
  2. Gary Smith said:

    Actually we’ve been using that practice for the past couple years in conjunction with the Highway 3 detours. It’s worked reasonably well with the exception of all the paintball marks on the squads and a few acts of vandalism. We’ve had better luck with our digital speed trailer and are trying to find a benefactor who would help with the cost to purchase a trailer that looks like the front end of a police car mock cop and all. It’s less prone to vandalism and doesn’t tie up two officers to move and set up the car.

    Gary Smith Northfield Police Chief

    March 10, 2007

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