Locally Grown’s new digital voicemail phone number and file upload storage area

dropio logo We have a new Locally Grown Drop.io account (pronounced ‘drop ee oh’) that allows anyone to upload files of any kind to us.

This is particularly helpful if the files are too big for email attachments. (Files uploaded there are publicly viewable until we delete them.)

telephone symbol Our LoGroNo Drop.io account also provides a voicemail number that automatically converts the voicemail to an MP3, making it easier for us to use the audio of your voicemail on our blog and/or our radio show/podcast unless you request otherwise. (Again, the MP3 files are stored in our public Drop.io area until we delete them. To speak to one of us by phone privately, use our Contact Us form to request that we phone you.)

So give it a whirl. Leave us a Locally Grown voicemail at:

646-495-9204 x 01223

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