Photo album: NDDC annual meeting

NDDC partners 2008The NDDC held its annual meeting at the Grand Event Center last night.

Featured speaker: Jay Walljasper, Senior Fellow at Project for Public Spaces (PPS).

Anastasia Belfany The photo on the right: a list of NDDC’s ‘partners’ for 2008. Click to enlarge.

And a personal tip-of-the-blogger hat to NDDC board member Anastasia Belfany for featuring some of my downtown-related photos at the event.

See the album of 19 photos or this slideshow:

4 thoughts on “Photo album: NDDC annual meeting”

  1. The downtown “candid” shots are so wonderful and really add to the vibe of what the NDDC is all about. A splendid event and I hope we all rally together to explore some of the ideas outlined by Walljasper. Northfield is such a delightful community but we need to actively work to make it such — it’s the responsibility of every citizen to support and sustain all that makes our beloved town so special. I am proud to partner with the NDDC in support of its mission.

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