Forget Politics this Weekend and Check Out Some Art

SouthCentralArtTour.jpgI just noticed this sign in Bridge Square on my way home this evening. It reminded me that it is the weekend of the South Central Minnesota Art Tour.

There are open studios in Northfield, Faribault, and Owatonna. The Northfield Area artists who are opening their studios are Jennifer Wolcott, Joyce Francis, Amy Merrit, Anne Larson, Meredith Fierke, Fred Somers, Barb Metz, Donavan Palmquist, Colleen Riley, Tom Willis, Judy Sayles-Willis, Marj Gruszewski, Peggy Koop, DeAnn Engvall, Tim Lloyd and Cathy Collison.

Their work includes an impressive range of sculpture, painting, ceramics, jewelry and fibre. So take a break from the debates and enjoy something with physical substance. For more information, check out the South Central Art Tour website.

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