RepJ reporter teams with Carleton student on story

Hi, my name’s Ben Haynor. I’m a math and physics major at Carleton College. I ended up in a journalism class this semester and began looking at Northfield’s opiate problem. I met Bonnie on Friday and we decided to collaborate on a story. We had already been gathering information, conducting interviews and looking at the history of Northfield’s opiate problem this month. When seven were arraigned on drug charges on Monday, we felt prepared to cover the news and we were glad to have a team of two to do so.

In the coming week we’ll be talking with the authorities to learn more about the arrests, get a better sense of what problems our community still faces, and learn how police intend to continue combating problems with heroin. We’ll be speaking with police in other towns that have had similar bouts with heroin dealing to gain perspective on how a community can fight the problem. If you know more about Northfield’s opiate scene, and are willing to speak, please contact Bonnie or me at or

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  1. Thanks Holly and Griff. Both Bonnie and I agree that its important to be neighborly and respectful while still asking the important questions. Either tonight or tomorrow we’ll post the video of the press conference, in addition to some clips we got in personal interviews with Faribault Police Chief Dan Collins and Rice County Sheriff Richard Cook.

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