Clothing Optional

nakedmadrid2.jpeg…is not part of the concept for Critical Mass in Northfield. Although when I googled pictures of bicycle advocates, bicycle protests and bicycle rallies to illustrate this blog posting, there were many pictures of naked bicyclists.

Apparently this is considered by the unimaginative as being a powerful political statement. Hey, get over it, Lady Godiva pulled that one hundreds of years ago. Furthermore, the places pictured are those where the people are a little “different”, like Australia, Spain and California…and the weather is a little warmer than it is here in Minnesota…and I imagine those bike seats being even less comfortable for the naked rider…it’s really not striking me as a nifty idea.

However, let not us not let the clothing, weather, or bike seats dampen our enthusiasm for Thursday’s Critical Mass, noon at the intersection of 2nd and Division Streets. Join us on your bicycle for a ride down and up Division Street to show your support (and, please, nothing else) for a more bicycle (and pedestrian) friendly Northfield.

And there’s one clothing item that is definitely not optional – a bike helmet!


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