NHS football players conduct at volleyball games

Jeff Wald, writing in his Nfld News column Wald’s Weekly Word, has a column this week titled  Students banned from NHS game in which he wrote:

jeff-wald NHS Activities Director Tom Graupmann issued a warning to several male student-athletes before that match.  “It would be a bad idea to show up,” he said he told them. The Raider football team was playing its regular season finale the next day, and the thought there is that if upperclassmen from the team show up to the game after the warning, they would be disciplined and not allowed to play Wednesday night. The students obeyed and the Raiders went on to a quiet loss.

Several coaches and administrators from opposing schools contacted Graupmann to complain of student conduct at volleyball games. Instead of being loud and supportive for their own team, reports were that students were behaving inappropriately toward opponents, whether it be in cheers, comments or gestures. Not only did it come from opposing schools, it also came from referees officiating the match.

Anyone know what the football players were actually doing at the girls’ volleyball games that was objectionable?

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