9 thoughts on “Straw poll, Election 2008: President”

  1. Peter has a point. IIRC, Ralph Nader is running again, as is that former Republican whose name escapes me. Also, the Socialist candidate for President recently appeared on The Colbert Report – to declare that Barack Obama is not, unfortunately, a socialist.

    The simplest option might be to write-in support for any of the other candidates here in the comments.

  2. I will (proudly) be voting for Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party. I do love Nader but wish he would work towards building up coalitions and support groups rather than run as an independent of a nonexistent party.

  3. Griff- I think this poll is the last straw. It is probably more indicative of who comments here than any kind of population cross section, but it is fun, anyway. Thanks for setting it up.

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