NHS Masquerade Auction Gala next week

Hayes Scriven has put up a web page about next week’s Northfield Historical Society Masquerade Auction Gala at the Northfield Golf Club. (Get your tix by the end of the day today and save big bucks.) The page gives a preview of the items that’ll be included in the live auction.

Lora Steil, Deanna Kuennen, Chris Ellison, Robbie Wigley, and Michelle MillenackerPlanning the auction is what the babes (right photo) were up to when I blogged them last week. L to R: Lora Steil, Deanna Kuennen, Chris Ellison, Robbie Wigley, and Michelle Millenacker. 

See the album of 6 dozen photos (lots more babe shots) from last year’s auction, From Northfield with Love, at the Grand Event Center or this slideshow.

21 thoughts on “NHS Masquerade Auction Gala next week”

  1. Last year was great fun! Don’t miss this great community event. I hear tickets are going fast. You won’t believe some of the masks that are going to be available. I bought my mask 3 months ago and Griff has his too. There are really a lot of great auction items, the community has been so generous. Join us for a great night!

    The Golf Club will be a spacious place to have this event…. see you all there!

  2. It’s sure to be a great night! Start your Christmas shopping early! There are some great items on both the Live and Silent Auctions; where else do you get the opportunity to bid on a Tugboat ride for 4 on the Mississippi River, or for you and 5 friends to have dinner with the Anderson’s or Oden’s (president of St. Olaf and Carleton respectively), or a Willie Wonka Tour for 6 with local chocolatier Brian McElrath, or a private Ghost Tour of St. Olaf for you and as many friends as you can gather up, or be the center of attention for two hours as you’re interviewed by KYMN’s own-Wayne Eddie on the Wayne Eddie Affair, or reserve seating for 10 during a Raid Reinactment during DJJD Days, or a private tour for 14 of the Northfield Historical Society with wine and appetizers, or a Glider Ride at Stanton Airport, or dinner for up to 12 prepared by Chef Rafeal Perez of the Northfield Golf Club, or a custom painting by David Allen, or a Northfield Centennial Plate from the 100 year celebration, or golfing with Dave Shumway, or custom jewlery, or framed art work, or christmas tree decorating with wine and appetizers, or custom fresh flower arrangements, or beautiful vases or a knitting party for 8 with wine and appetizers…you get the idea! There are sooo many wonderful items I could go on for some time. This is a not to be missed event! Because really, where else can you go wearing a mask and be accepted!


  4. WOW… what an oversight! Join us on November 8th at the Golf Club! Doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets can be purchased at the Northfield Historical Society. We have about 20 fancy masks that can be purchased for $15 each or 2 for $20. Everyone with a ticket will receive a black harlequin mask.

    It is NOT to late to offer auction items. You can give me a call at 645-6065 if you have something to donate. Your donation qualifies as a tax deduction.

    Please join us! It is a fun event.

  5. We still have some great auction items coming in! Things to eat, things to do… services, adventures, antiques, art, flowers, perfect Christmas gifts… don’t wait to get your tickets and be sure to arrive early! You will want to be able to purchase one of the few fancy masks that will automatically enter you into the drawing for 6 good bottles of wine.

  6. This is a great night for the Northfield Historical Society! There are terriffic items up for bid – and we thank all of our donors for making this night a success. See you there!!

  7. The NHS Auction has always been a great event. Fun people, a chance to get all froo-frooed up, and wonderful items to bid on – plus there aren’t any guilt feelings about spending money since it’s all for a good cause. To get a preview of just some of the items at this year’s auction take a peek in the Division Street windows at NHS or visit http://northfieldhistory.org/nhs-auction-the-masquerade

  8. We are getting really close to Nov 8!! We are almost ready to go, items keep coming in. Yesterday we received two Fred Sommers prints, 24 Malt-O-Meal coupons, that is two bags of Malt-O-Meal for a whole year and a really nice hand painted plate of historic Northfield. Not to mention some of the live auction items we have: a ghost tour of St. Olaf, a tugboat ride on the Mississippi, a private party for 14 at the Scriver Building and many more. Check out the website for the auction. Chris linked to it in her post. See you all there on Saturday!

  9. Oh, and I almost forgot that we are auctioning off a safe from the First National Bank of Northfield (FNBN). That’s right a real working bank safe. The safe was in the FNBN for 115 years!! That’s right the safe was put into the bank in 1893 and is in great condition. We have pictures on the auction website. This is truly a unique item!

  10. Hayes…… You mean we are REALLY going to auction off that fabulous safe. Unbelievable!

    I just heard that we will have a trailer for a bicycle, 3 months at Curves, an antique rug, some vintage pottery and a yummy chocolate layer cake…. you could eat it right there and share it with friends! What a night we have planned!

  11. Robbie, YES we are going to auction off that safe!! It a true piece of history!!

    That bike trailer sounds cool…is it a trailer that you haul a bike on or do you haul kids in it???

  12. Funny…. that would be a kiddy trailer to pull behind a bike, although I have seen lots of people use them for groceries, dogs, deliveries…. I suppose you could use it for just about anything and wow with the energy issues, what a great way to cut your driving down!

  13. Hayes, that’s a great look at it. Wow! Imagine all the stuff you can put in there. It’s a real beauty. I have a particular fondness for safes because I used to work for UL and we used to go to the safe testing building on certain days, during our lunch hour, when they would heat a large walk in type safe to white hotness, and then drop it from about 30 feet, if I recall correctly. If it didn’t crack, it passed one of the criteria for UL approval.
    We never saw one crack.

  14. Thanks, Hayes, but I think the best owner for that safe and it’s beauteous workings would be another bank where it could be viewed by the public. Someone could put a big ol fake diamond and gem encrusted crown in there for a fun conversation piece with serious overtones,iykwim.

  15. Bright, the safe is being stored at a shed on my property and if you wish to come see me at First National or give me a call, i would be happy to describe how you can go take a look before Sat. night. I may be leaving early today for the FB game and kid activities but will be working at the Downtown office tomorrow morning as well.

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