Vote early, vote often

I went around to all the polling stations before 6 am to vote this morning. (I bought one of those special passes at City Hall last week.)

Alex Beeby  LWV vote sign  Ross Shoger, Arlene Kluver 

At the NCRC on Jefferson Parkway, (left) election judge Alex Beeby and his team were working hard gearing up inside, while (right) judges Ross Shoger and Arlene Kluver goofed off outside.

Not registered yet? See the City of Northfield’s register to vote page:

The deadline for pre-registering to vote for the November 4 General Election was Tuesday, October 14, 2008. However, Minnesota permits election day registration. Information regarding election day registration requirements is contained in the attached document.

Voting will take place at the following polling places. The polling places will open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. If you know your Ward and Precinct, here’s where to vote:

  • Ward 1 Precinct 1, St. Dominic Catholic Church, 104 Linden St.
  • Ward 1 Precinct 2, First United Church of Christ, 300 Union St.
  • Ward 2 Precinct 1, Northfield City Hall, 801 Washington St.
  • Ward 2 Precinct 2, United Methodist Church, 1401 Maple St. S.
  • Ward 3 Precinct 1, Buntrock Commons, St. Olaf College
  • Ward 3 Precinct 2, Emmaus Baptist Church, 712 Linden St. N.
  • Ward 3 Precinct 3, Bethel Lutheran Church, 1321 North Avenue
  • Ward 4 Precinct 1, St. John’s Lutheran Church, 500 Third St. W.
  • Ward 4 Precinct 2, Northfield Community Resource Center, 1651 Jefferson Pkwy.

If you don’t know your ward and precinct, use the MN Poll Finder from the Secretary of State.

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