3 thoughts on ““Chicks Rule” in local races”

  1. I was talking to Jon Denison today, and he said there was a time in the past when all but one member of the Northfield City Council were women.

  2. Tracy Davis: Didn’t you say that the problems in City Hall may be too much testostrone? Here’s to hoping that your theory is right.

  3. Patrick, I don’t remember ever having more than three women at a time on the council, but my memory here only goes back about 19 years. I called our local repository of institutional memory (Dixon Bond) and asked what he could recall, and he believed that my memory was accurate. We’ve never had a female majority before, for whatever that’s worth or what it might mean.

    David L., time will tell if my theory holds water! Personally I like the idea of balance, and if we have to tip the scale a little to the estrogen side for awhile to make up for the past, so be it.

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