3 thoughts on “Friend of alleged dealer offers perspective”

  1. While I wouldn’t say drug users are bad people, I would say that they take up time in a bothersome way. Time that might be better spent teaching a younger sibling to read, hiking in the woods and learning about nature, spending extra time on homework, instead of being drawn into the false dramas based in drug use.

  2. Interesting point Bright! Maybe I was reading too much into what this young woman was saying, but what I got from it was that kids can fall quickly into that “false drama” and then lose hope that they can ever be the kind of people who do those other things instead of drugs.

  3. Yep, the person who is an ex druggie may be ostresized, and the person who is just hanging around, and is lucky enough not to actually do the drugs, but who does get involve with the drug users dramas also get taken down with the user, or dealer in time lost, and other lessons about trusting people. Users can develop very strong acting abilities, as they learn to hide their habits over time. The enablers believe the lies, then feel like fools, and the cycle goes round a while until someone smartens up.

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