Podcast: election 2008 post-mortem


  1. kiffi summa said:

    Griff: I believe it was you, in the podcast, that said Victor had NOT won in his own precinct in 2006 … That would be incorrect. He won , in our precinct, by almost 100 votes in 2006 (86 might be the absolutely accurate number).

    I think there is a significant statement embedded in our precinct’s vote FOR Victor; it shows their preference when people DO know him, as opposed to those who vote based on what they THINK they know about him.
    There is no doubt that Victor is a ‘lightning rod’ for opinion; I just wanted you to have the correct information.

    A comment on another portion of your questions in your general discussion re: Rhonda Pownell’s base… it is interesting to note that her numbers predominance, precinct by precinct, matches exactly through the top five votes/precincts with Jeff Quinell’s numbers predominance in those same precincts. Maybe just a coincidence, but it may also be relevant to a book Ross and I recently read, called “The Big Sort”, which deals with people “sorting” themselves into communities of interest.

    Fun show as usual; keep up the good work!

    November 7, 2008

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