Northfield’s Sequin brothers: to Tierra Del Fuego on motorcycles "Until our Luck or Money Runs Out"

Joe Seguin and Charles SequinNorthfielders Joe Seguin and Charles Sequin departed Colorado in early September and are on their way to the southern tip of South America (Tierra Del Fuego) on motorcycles, a 1990 Suzuki DR 650 and a 1990 Kawasaki KLR 250.

They’re chronicling their saga in this ADV Rider message forum thread, complete with dozens of photos.

I heard about their trip from their parents, mom Cathy Collison (photo) who I recently blogged about here, and dad Paul Seguin (photo) who was a cast member of The Rocky Horror Show at the NAG that I recently blogged about here.

They arrived in Panama this week.

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