The City of Northfield Friday Memo — whassup, Joel?

It’s been two weeks since the last Friday Memo. Has Joel been kidnapped?

fridaymemothumbJoel-Walinski The Friday Memo, written by interim Northfield City Administrator Joel Walinski and many of the department directors, managers, and supervisors, summarizes many of the staff activities for the week.

Although it’s directed to the mayor and city council, it’s helpful for citizens to see what’s going, too. The Friday memos are published and archived in PDF form at the bottom of Joel Walinski’s web page.

See the Friday memo for this past week (actually, Oct 27-31) and then comment or ask questions about it here.

NOTE! There’s a City Council meeting tonight, Nov. 17. Big items:

  • Consider adoption of park system master plan
  • Consider adoption of the transportation plan
  • Consider adoption of 2008 Comprehensive Plan

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