Rock ‘n Roll Revival photos – coming soon


My daughter Gilly took about 300 photos of tonight’s dress rehearsal for Rock ‘n Roll Revival 2007 which starts this Friday. She’ll sort through them all on Thursday night and we’ll have a link to the album here on Locally Grown, hopefully by midnight. I’ll also have a link to the photo album for the 2005 show. Here’s one photo in the meantime. Click to enlarge.

Thursday, 9:40 PM update: Here’s the link to the 2005 Rock ‘n Roll Revivalphoto album. Alas, I forgot that Gilly had her writing group tonight so it’ll likely be Friday before we get the 2007 photos posted. Apologies!

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  1. Tracy Davis said:

    Thanks, Gilly…. can’t wait to see them since I won’t be able to see the show till at least Saturday, and my daughter is in it! (Watch for the terrifically talented Madelyn singing “Wedding Bell Blues”….)

    March 8, 2007

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