City forms Parking Quality Control Commission

jimpokorney100w.jpgThe City of Northfield has formed a Parking Quality Control Commission (PQCC) to address the problem of irresponsible use of parallel parking spots in downtown Northfield. Councillor Jim Pokorney introduced the measure at last week’s Council meeting. Pokorney nominated Ken Bank, Jim Gleason, and Joel Pumper to be the initial members of the commission, with four others to be appointed a later date. The measure passed unanimously.

“It’s gotten to the point where some drivers — and I don’t have to tell you what gender I’m talking about — are treating parallel parking spots as diagonal parking. It’s starting to have a negative economic impact on downtown businesses. We have an Environmental Quality Commission (EQC). It’s time we did the same for parking quality.”

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On Saturday morning, the new PQCC (left photo, click to enlarge) went into action in front of the Goodbye Blue Monday when an unidentified woman from the group of runners parked her van and joined her friends inside. She was issued a warning citation which was forwarded to the Northfield Police Department. The department now has the option of using a GPS device to track the vehicle so that one of its officers can issue a parking citation ($25) should the violation be observed again.

“They should be called the Parking Control Vigilante Group,” said Nancy Amerman Anne Meyer Ruppel Nancy Amerman (3rd from right in right photo above). “It wasn’t my car — I parked in the back to avoid their intimidation tactics — but somehow this isn’t right. Women are being targeted unfairly here. How would they like it if there was an ordinance regulating the display of protruding middle-aged male bellies — a clear blight on our sidewalks?”

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  1. Dear “Wigley’….Let me point out that the lady third from the right in the picture above is not Nancy Amerman. It is Ann Meyer Ruppel and I clearly heard her make those statements.

  2. I recognize that parking job as Margaret Huber’s. She’s got a chronic problem of staying within the lines before she gets her morning coffee buzz. So happy our good councilman, Jim Pokorny, is staying on top of all these very important city issues. I say throw her in the slammer. Such atrocities should not be tolerated in Northfield, and this infraction is just the tip of the iceberg with this unlawful parker. Next thing you know she’ll be making Blue Monday a drive-thru.
    Thank you for in advance for dealing with this situation.
    Paul Rupple

  3. The Parking Quality Control Commission seems like the most absurd thing that citizens of Northfield have ever thought up. Upon initially reading this website, I thought the PQCC was a farce, but was informed by current residents that it is, indeed, a woeful display of a few individuals attempting to play with small town bureaucratic powers. The idea is ridiculous and the members ought to be ashamed for their sexist comments. (Furthermore, statistical evidence of auto accidents in the US indicate males as the leading gender for causation of incidents.) I’m disgusted that people are wasting their time on such petty issues, and fail to see any tangible evidence that a few sloppy parking jobs on early weekend mornings adversely impact local business-such as the incident reported in front of the Blue Monday Coffee House.

  4. Emily wrote:
    >I thought the PQCC was a farce, but was informed by current residents that it is, indeed, a woeful display of a few individuals attempting to play with small town bureaucratic powers

    Emily, are you, per chance, related to any of these people?

  5. Since this item has caused a rash of sexist comments, I suggest a new event for Northfield. “The Great Northfield Minnsota Park Off”. Teams must absolutely be segregated according to sex and indivdual as well as team competition should be encouraged. Those without any sex will be forced to design their own competition and may I add how sorry I am for any and all of you in this unfortunate condition. (You know who you are.) Think of the possible categories. Lutheran versus Catholic. (or visa versus) West Siders versus East Siders. St Olafers versus Carletoners. Farmers versus Every other possible configurtion. (At least until prices increase) Okay, I’ve taken it this far. There must be others out there who could add to the infinite possiblilites of such a competition. Go ahead — Make my day!

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