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sea_stachura.jpgMPR reporter Sea Stachura is looking for help with five stories she’s working on (see below).

I got the following announcement email from her since I signed up for MPR’s Public Insight Network. Feel free to contact her directly if you’ve got some suggestions.

I wonder if the new publisher/editor of the Northfield News, Sam Gett, might consider encouraging his reporters to do something like this?

Hi. I’m Sea Stachura, the Rochester bureau reporter for MPR News. I’m writing to you because you are an important part of our Public Insight Network, and because you live in my part of the world, southeastern Minnesota.

At MPR, we do the best reporting when we partner with people who are living the issues and news we cover… people like you. I want to hear your comments, ideas and stories about the region, because you will always know more about your community than I do.

I’d also like to send you occasional updates on the stories I’m working on and the issues I’m considering. In return, I hope you’ll share what you know, offer your own ideas, or direct me to someone who might be a good resource.

I hope to expand my reporting on the Latino and Somali communities, the environment, and issues in Iowa (up to now, I’ve done little in Iowa). I’m open to ideas on any subject. Share your suggestions by clicking here.

Or, you can always contact public insight analyst Melody Ng directly at with urgent information or thoughts on stories we should be covering.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks for participating.


Sea Stachura

Help me with these stories

I’m researching the following issues. Share what you know about any or all of them, or forward this message to a friend who has experience with these topics.

Or, suggest an idea for another story: Click here.

Health care for migrant workers
In 1971, the Minnesota legislature passed a law requiring companies to provide health insurance to migrant workers they employ. But the law’s never been enforced, and none of the former legislators I’ve contacted knows why it was written. What do you know about the origins of this law and the consequences of enforcing it? Share your insights by clicking here.

Rural schools
Rural districts are closing schools as building and program costs rise and student numbers drop. How do you keep up a classroom when you’re facing cutbacks, consolidations and closings? Parents, teachers and administrators, share your experience: Click here.

Water quality
Southern Minnesota’s lakes are filling up with sediment and pollutants. Some legislators and environmentalists are proposing dredging some lakes and rivers, but that doesn’t prevent pollutants from returning. What do you know about pollution and clean-up efforts in regional lakes and rivers? Tell me: Click here.

Muslim teens
What’s it like going to a school unfamiliar with your religion, or to be an ambassador of Muslim cultures for non-Muslim kids? And, parents, what sorts of tough choices do you need to make about raising your kids in a non-Muslim culture? Share your experience by clicking here.

Immigrants and agriculture
I’ve heard that dairy farmers rely heavily on immigrants. What about in your line of work? How would you be affected by a worker visa program or a crackdown on undocumented workers? Share your insights by clicking here.

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